Dust Free Tile Removal

Traditional tile removal methods create fine dust that fills every corner of your home. This dust contains the carcinogen, silica, which can cause silicosis. Not only is silica dangerous for any homeowner, it is even more so for asthma and allergy sufferers. When removing tile from your home in a traditional manner, the fine dust containing silica seeps into many areas, including air conditioning units, cabinets, clothes, electronics, and furniture. Because of this, many homeowners leave their homes for a period of time during the removal process, thus creating extra expenses. The Chicago Dust Free-Tile Removal process has changed all of that.
During our removal process we collect 99% of the dust before it even becomes airborne. We use state of the art machines to ensure your home and health is protected and can complete up to 1000sf of dust-free tile removal in one day. You won’t even have to leave your home during our dust-free removal. Chicago Dustless provides a superior method of tile removal for our customers and guarantees cleanliness in your home.

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