Alafaya Tile Removal

Chicago Dustless is the premier tile removal company in Alafaya specializing in dust free tile removal.

Tile removal can be a dirty process. Our patent pending dust free tile removal system removes all of the fine dust created during the tile removal process. This dust contains the carcinogen, silica, which can cause silicosis. Our process is great for health conscious people, people with asthma, people with COPD or any other breathing issues. Or for people who just don’t want to deal with a mess. You won’t have to leave your home during demolition which is common without a dust free process. Your home is 100% livable while we are working. We provide a superior method of tile removal for our Alafaya customers and we guarantee the cleanliness in your home. Call us to today at (772) 708-1523 and see why we are the number one dust free tile removal company in Alafaya. Proudly serving Alafaya and the Greater Alafaya area.

We also offer dust free commercial floor removal for businesses in Alafaya and dust free wood floor removal.

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